• AxonVR builds haptic technology that enables realistic feeling in virtual reality for the first time. HaptX is a haptic textile that simulates lifelike touch, allowing you to feel the texture, shape, motion, […]

  • Turkish technological corporation SpaceWalkerVR is presently emerging their take on the 360-degree treadmill for VR applications. The hardware structures a spinning treadmill, derived by a gyroscope that wits the […]

  • HoloLamp is the world’s first glasses-free and hands-free portable augmented reality device that creates optical 3D illusions directly on your environment.

    Want to know more? http://www.hololamp.io

  • Interact wirelessly with your video games via the most simple, effective, flexible,
    immediately usable, and natural interface…. Your hand.

    Want to know more? http://www.captoglove.com/

  • Shadow VR shows that the future is still incomplete. VR is nothing without reality, and Shadow VR brings that into play. Designed to provide an experience that is so state of the art, it seems unbelievably […]

  • Futuretown’s Totalmotion system takes virtual reality experience to the next level with the ground-breaking integration of high fidelity game visuals, motion simulation hardware, and new virtual reality input de […]

  • FEELREAL is a revolutionary multisensory VR mask for 3D video games and movies that lets you step into the most immersive, unbelievable and fascinating virtual experience you’ve ever known. It maximizes your v […]

  • Koei Tecmo Wave says the new arcade machine brings movement, aroma, touch, wind, heat, cold, rain, and mist to VR. What’s unclear is whether players have to actually wear a headset while in the machine, and if s […]

  • ZapBox is an affordable way to experience Mixed Reality and Room-Scale Virtual Reality using the power of your smartphone.

    ZapBox combines physical components with advanced software to provide magical Mixed […]

  • NIRVANA VR helmet is the most immersive device for 3D video games and movies that lets you explore the virtual worlds by involving all five of your senses in one gadget. Its a unique transformer with a perfect 3D […]

  • Reactive Grip touch feedback can be used to convey motion and force information using tactile feedback integrated into the handle of a device. The device utilizes sliding contactor plates in the handle. T […]

  • Oculus Touch also known as the Half Moon is the first unique Input Device for the Oculus Rift. Acting as your hands in the virtual world, Oculus Touch consist of two mirror-image controllers, one held in each […]

  • Backspin is a lightweight, wireless controller offering 3DoF tracking in a form factor designed for portability and casual play.

    Precision motion tracking
    3 Degrees of Freedom
    Millimeter accuracy
    Low […]

  • The Manus VR Glove is a high-end data glove that brings intuitive interaction to virtual reality. Its unique design and cutting edge technology allows for truly immersive experiences by tracking your hands in […]

  • Leap Motion is a gesture sensing controller that allows the user to interact with various devices with hand movements. Leap Motion device transforms into Leap Motion VR when it is attached to a Virtual Reality […]

  • KAT WALK is a new omni-directional treadmill for virtual reality. It has been designed to be as unrestrictive as possible giving the user 360 degrees of continuous movement within a small space. It is compatible […]

  • The Fove is not like any other virtual reality headsets. It can track your eyes!

    Want to know more? http://www.getfove.com

  • Daydream, Google’s high-quality virtual reality platform for Android, is here — and so is the search giant’s headset, Daydream View.

    The platform is Google’s strongest attempt yet at muscling into a market t […]

  • The Icaros is your fitness device and gaming controller in one gadget. With it you can train your muscles and stimulate the capability of reaction and balance. Simply with your movements on the ICAROS you control […]

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