Space Walker VR

Turkish technological corporation SpaceWalkerVR is presently emerging their take on the 360-degree treadmill for VR applications. The hardware structures a spinning treadmill, derived by a gyroscope that wits the user’s actions. Weight sensors beneath the platform notice differences in foot pressure to regulate its power feedback. Apart from its application in the VR, this can also be used as a normal treadmill for aptness training. The SpaceWalkerVR is presently in the prototyping phase and is probable to back the Oculus Rift. Its extra Fantastic Engine provision is predictable to open up SpaceWalkerVR’s apps in virtual gaming surroundings.

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Reactive Grip

Reactive Grip touch feedback can be used to convey motion and force information using tactile feedback integrated into the handle of a device. The device utilizes sliding contactor plates in the handle. Translational motions and forces can be portrayed along the length of the handle by moving the plates in unison in the corresponding direction; whereas moving opposing slider plates in opposite directions creates the feeling of the device’s handle wrenching within the user’s grasp. Because of its ability to recreate the skin sensations of actually holding an object, this type of feedback creates an engaging experience that brings gaming interactions to life.

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Oculus Touch

Oculus Touch also known as the Half Moon is the first unique Input Device for the Oculus Rift. Acting as your hands in the virtual world, Oculus Touch consist of two mirror-image controllers, one held in each hand. These wireless controllers are motion tracked by the same Constellation tracking system that tracks the Rift HMD. Oculus Touch has traditional gamepad controls such as analog stick, buttons and triggers along with the abilities to detect hand gestures and provide haptic feeback.

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Manus VR Glove

The Manus VR Glove is a high-end data glove that brings intuitive interaction to virtual reality. Its unique design and cutting edge technology allows for truly immersive experiences by tracking your hands in real-time. With unlimited possibilities, the Manus VR Glove offers key solutions for training simulations, VR arcades and motion capture. It has been optimized to work with the HTC Vive, Xsens, PhaseSpace and OptiTrack.

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Leap Motion

Leap Motion is a gesture sensing controller that allows the user to interact with various devices with hand movements. Leap Motion device transforms into Leap Motion VR when it is attached to a Virtual Reality head-mounted display. Compatible with Oculus Rift, Leap Motion VR is mounted to the front of the HMD. The devices captures your hand’s motion from the perspective of the headset, allowing you to interact with the immersive VR environment without physical interactions. Dragonfly is the new Leap Motion sensor in development. It is designed for VR and will have larger field view and capture HD colored imageries in addition to infrared.

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KAT WALK is a new omni-directional treadmill for virtual reality. It has been designed to be as unrestrictive as possible giving the user 360 degrees of continuous movement within a small space. It is compatible with virtual reality headset such as Oculus Rift.
With its built-in and wearable sensors, you can literally walk/run (forwards and backwards), jump, crouch and sit in the virtual world.
KAT WALK is especially suited for FPSs and other applications in where you need to move around. You can control the in-game character with your own body, helping to increase presence and decreases simulator sickness.

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Virtual reality innovator Wizdish introduces the ROVR, a walking platform to explore virtual worlds presented by head mounted displays such as the oculus Rift, Samsung gear en HTC Vive.

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Taclim VR Shoes

Taclim is a set of shoes and gloves for VR with built-in tactile devices to give haptic feedback to users.
Taclim generates the sense of stepping on the ground in virtual spaces (desert, grassland, water etc.), brings you the sense of wearing shoes worn by the virtual character and brings a sense of touch. Taclim also works as an input device to control the character and reflect the motion of the player in the virtual world to increase the feeling of immersion.


WalkMouse is the world’s only motorized omnidirectional treadmill with a circular surface. Active ODTs has been primarily researched and used in academia and defence, but now anyone can experience natural and untethered walking in all directions inside virtual environments.

A WalkMouse system can be used with any simulation software, as easy as plugging in a USB cable and installing a script or a driver.

WalkMouse is constructed in sets of modular components to create a simple and easily assembled system complete with professional tracking hardware and control software. As the WalkMouse output signals can be generated through UDP or a joystick driver, integration with games and other visualisation softwares are easy.

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